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LOL Zuko in drag! [Dec. 20th, 2006|10:30 am]


[Title:] "Smooth As Silk"
[Author:] kyatto
[Series:] "Avatar: The Last Airbender"
[Pairing:] Jet/Zuko
[Rating:] NC-17 (Like whoah.)
[Spoilers:] Is "The Serpent's Pass" still a spoiler?
[Warning:] It's dirty, perverted, and full of foul language. Oh, and Zuko's wearing a dress. I'm not kidding.
[For:] zuppi and the rest of the lovely people over at jetheartszuko
[Summary:] Zuko's been Jet's "toy" for several weeks. However, he's now exposed to one of Jet's more...obscure...kinks. (I also think it's considered AU at this point -_-;; )
[Note:] Sorry if there are any dumb typos! (I double checked, and had my room mate check, but you can never be too sure.) XD


Smooth As Silk


Series: “Avatar: The Last Airbender”
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
Rating: NC-17

Spoiler: None, unless you haven’t seen anything passed the “Secret of The Fire Nation” special.

Warning/Author’s Note: This fic contains Zuko in drag. No, he’s not a drag-queen. He’s just wearing a dress. If the thought of a boy in girls’ clothing squicks you then I suggest you do not read. Oh, and by the way this IS slash, just in case “Jet/Zuko” wasn’t obvious enough as a warning. *LOL* I also intend to make Zuko so….”uke”…because I’m buttering myself up for my next Jet/Zuko fic where Jet shall be the one on the bottom! X3 So yes, even though he’s catching more than the Yankees, I still intend to keep him as in character as possible without firebending Jet to ashes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jet, Zuko, or anything in Avatar. If I did there would’ve been a lot more buttsex. I’m also making absolutely no money off this.




“…Ngh…” Zuko murmured as he tossed about in his sleep. The thin sheet that covered his bare torso slid off to the side slightly, exposing a pale nipple to the chilled air of his sleeping quarters.

For the passed few days he’d had many restless nights. It was unfortunate, especially for his uncle Iroh who had to deal with an unusually groggy nephew the following mornings when they worked in the tea shop. He knew the young prince never had a perfect sleep, but he was usually much better than this. The only time the boy ever lost any sleep was when he was stressed. Iroh was completely unaware of it, but Zuko had plenty to be stressed out about. Ever since they had arrived in Ba Sing Se he’d been forced to meet with that Jet fellow he met on the ferry. It’d have been one thing if their encounters were pleasant; however Jet seemed to have found out their secret and used it as blackmail if Zuko refused to be his bitch. Whenever it seemed Zuko was starting to go out of line, Jet was always certain to leave a reminder on his window and used a sharp object to hold the parchment in place. By now the Firebender had quite the small collection of pocketknives and daggers that he kept tucked away in a hidden location so his uncle wouldn’t stumble upon it.

He had no idea what sparked the Freedom Fighter’s obsession with him. From what he could recall, they barely even talked on the ferry. Though Jet did strike him as a creepy sort…Though he never thought he’d actually go as far as stalk him. How else would he know what he and his uncle were up to everyday? It was hauntingly creepy…and strangely enough, a turn on. One evening Zuko had been bathing when he got the chill of being watched, and the thought seemed to thrill him to the point of being aroused and having to relieve himself in the privacy of his bedroom. At least he thought his sleeping quarters were private. However, now that he was certain this Jet fellow was following him around he was not so sure anymore. Again, more excitement in his groin and the more he needed to relieve himself.

Zuko would never admit it aloud but he was grateful for the times Jet demanded his presence. It wasn’t nearly as intoxicating pleasuring yourself as it was to have another set of hands doing it for you. After the first couple of times, taking it up the back end didn’t hurt nearly as much and after a while he secretly started enjoying it. He’d never tell anyone this though, especially not Jet. It seemed the more defiant he was, the better the sex he got anyway. Perhaps he was a masochist for taking pleasure in the physical and verbal abuse Jet inflicted on him, he didn’t know and didn’t care. All he knew now was that as much of a smug bastard as Jet was, it felt good to be touched by him. So he’d let Jet go on thinking he was the one in control because Zuko liked it better that way.

“…Ah…” Zuko gasped softly, still deep in slumber. At this point the sheet had nearly fallen off and his chest was completely exposed. His pale skin was gleaming with perspiration in the moonlight. It was apparent the dream he was having was feverish for his face was flushed bright red and soon he was panting.

Of course it was only a matter of time before Jet’s stalking tendencies would begin to haunt his dreams as well.

“…Hn…Oh fuck! ...Jet...” The Firebender moaned softly as he arched his back then fell completely still. A small damp spot formed in the silk fabric that lay above his hips and crotch. For a few more minutes he panted sleepily, before it resumed to normal breathing. He did not make another sound for the rest of the night.

The next morning Zuko awoke to the bright light filtering through the drapes into his room. His eyes opened slowly and he lay in his bed flat on his back. It had been another long night. He sighed and rubbed his temples before sitting up. This was a nightmare….If it kept happening every time he wanted to sleep he had no idea what he was going to do. It was hell. He then peered down and noticed the wet spot in his sheet…

“Damn, not again,” he cursed aloud softly and tossed it aside. Zuko then grimaced at the sight of his crotch. He could only pray to the spirits that he could clean this up before his uncle noticed.

Grumbling, he slid out of the soiled trousers and hunted for clean garments. His body was still sticky with his sweat but he knew he didn’t have time to bathe before meeting his uncle for breakfast. Within minutes he had his uniform on and was brushing his hair down when he noticed something sitting on his windowsill. Curious, he went over to inspect it and could tell by the handwriting on the note attached that it was from Jet. His curious expression immediately turned to that of displeasure but he tore the note off and read it anyway. He could only pray it wasn’t a bomb.

’Li’,” Zuko read aloud, leaning against a wall. “’I picked this up for you. Wipe that dumb scared expression off your face it’s not a bomb.’ Well, that’s a relief. ‘I’ll be dropping by tonight and I expect you to be wearing the appropriate attire.’ Wait, what? ‘If you’re curious to know what I mean by that, open the package. By the way, if you refuse, expect a world of hurt and police at your door tomorrow. You don’t want to anger me when I want you this bad.’ …Thanks. ‘Yours, Jet.’

Zuko set the note down and then shifted his attention to the poorly wrapped package. He wouldn’t even need a knife. Smirking, he picked it up and tore open the end. Furrowing his brows, at first he was unsure what to make of what slid out. It was silky smooth and shone a deep green. He held it up and it flowed out to reveal that it was a short cheongsam. It was beautiful he had to admit, with its vibrant shade of green and the golden phoenix design that decorated it. However, this was something women wore. Heck, by the shape of the cut, this was something prostitutes wore. Why would Jet buy him this? How on earth could Jet expect him to take him seriously if he was expecting his “bitch” to present himself in women’s clothing?

“He’s got to be kidding me,” Zuko snorted as he eyed the dress again before setting it down on his bed. “There’s no way in hell I’m wearing that. He can beat the ever living shit out of me and shove one his hook swords up my ass, I’m still not going to do it. I’ve got some shred of dignity left…”

Sighing, he checked once more to make sure he had cleared all the remains of last night’s nightmare off him before heading out to meet Iroh for breakfast.

That night after Iroh had finally closed up shop Zuko was exhausted. He was certain his uncle was furious with him even if he didn’t show it. Several of the customers had complained about his attitude because starting at midday he was getting tired and got snappy when he felt people annoyed him. He knew it was important to his uncle to look good for their boss so he did feel bad about it. However there wasn’t much he could do about that now except pray for a good night’s sleep. He closed the door to his room and tossed off his apron and tunic before he saw the note he’d put down that morning.

“Oh…That’s right…” he groaned and hung his head, now thankful he had closed his door and his uncle had certainly gone to bed. “…Bastard’s coming…”

As if on cue he heard the soft thwacks Jet’s hook swords made when he climbed up the outer wall of the building. The window burst open and the Freedom Fighter rolled in, landing flat on his back, looking up at Zuko with a broad grin.

“Hello Li,”

“Sorry I didn’t prepare a pot of tea for you,” Zuko replied sarcastically as he stepped over him to close the window, “but I’m off duty now.”

“It’s not tea I want and you know it,” Jet told him as he got to his feet and brushed himself off.

The Firebender glared, leaning back against a wall, and crossed his arms over his chest. “Then what did you come here for?”

“How many times must I go over this with you, Li?” Jet sighed and shook his head, exasperated. He stepped over to where Zuko stood and grabbed him hard by the jaw, forcing the teen to look him in the eye. “I know your secret. So unless you want me to get the police on your ass, I own you. Speaking of which-“


Jet took a step back and glanced Zuko up and down, “You’re not wearing it.” His voice was a low growl, dark and threatening.

“I know,” Zuko replied casually with a wave of his hand.

He lunged at the Firebender, pressing the curved end of his hook sword against his throat. “…Why?”

“Because,” Zuko winced, but kept his voice firm. “It was obviously a mistake. That dress is for a woman which I am not.”

“Correction,” Jet pulled the sword away to toss it aside, then grabbed Zuko by the collar and flipped him over so his face was pressed against the wall. “That dress is for a bitch which you are.” Each accented word had a painful slap attached to it that would’ve left a bruise on the Firebender’s ass if it were bare.


“You didn’t follow my instructions, Li. I’m not happy…Not happy at all….” He growled low in Zuko’s ear.

“There’s nothing you can say or do that’d get me to put that damn thing on!” Zuko snapped with a glare.

“Oh? I wouldn’t be too sure about that…” With the hand that still held a weapon, Jet snaked it around so the hook was cupping around Zuko’s crotch. One swift move and…

Zuko gasped then let out a snort, “You wouldn’t.”

Yes…” Jet pressed the blade hard enough to be painful, but not quite enough to do any damage. “I would.”

Even though it wasn’t actually touching the flesh, it was still painful enough to frighten him. Sweat beaded along Zuko’s forehead and he snuck a glance at the predatory expression in Jet’s eyes. There was no way he was going to escape this. Well, he could, but he really did like having his manly parts all in one piece. Groaning, he relaxed and decided to give in. “Fine. Get off me and I’ll go put on the stupid dress…”

“You learn quickly,” Jet smirked and pulled away, allowing Zuko the freedom to go to his bed to retrieve his dress.

He was about to go to somewhere more private when Jet cleared his throat. “What?” Zuko was getting annoyed.

“No,” Jet scolded and spat out his grass stalk. “Bad boy. I want to see you put it on.”


Jet watched with widened eyes and his weapons clattered to the floor as Zuko stood before him and started the removal of his clothing. First he took off his shirt, which easily slipped over his head and he tossed it to a far corner. The Freedom Fighter liked the fact he was already glistening with sweat and smirked at the sight. Next came the pants, which took a little longer because he had a difficult time fiddling with the drawstring. Finally the pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, revealing for a moment his well-toned legs. Groaning softly, Zuko picked up the dress and undid the fasteners that held the tight collar closed. Jet grinned as Zuko pulled it on and his head slid out of the small opening. Murmuring at how tight it was, Zuko messed with the silk material until the wrinkles were smoothed out and closed the collar around his neck. How the hell could women wear this all day? He felt like he was being choked! However, it wasn’t Zuko’s neck Jet was eyeing, it was the fact that the slimming dress clung to the lean boy’s frame and gave him a more feminine appeal. He also noticed that Zuko shaved his legs. How amusing.

The Freedom Fighter nodded with approval. “Now, was that so bad?”

Yes! I feel like I’m being choked to death…” Zuko grumbled so low it was barely audible.

“What was that?”

“No,” Zuko coughed.

“Better,” Jet grinned and went over to him. There was something about the way the boy looked that gave Jet the thought to even force the cheongsam upon him in the first place. He was right of course, because even though Zuko was all out male, he looked beautiful.

Zuko murmured softly as Jet stood behind him, pressing his hips against his back, and kissed along his neck. Jet’s hands snaked around to stroke up and down the Firebender’s stomach. Zuko’s compliance pleased him greatly. “You know what you look like?” he whispered low in his ear.

“An idiot?” Zuko tried to remain as defiant as possible, but it was hard when Jet had begun his ministrations. He cursed his voice for cracking slightly.

Jet smirked, he would forgive him for that slip up. “No, Li. ….You look like a dirty little slut….” He nipped at the sensitive skin behind Zuko’s ear and gave it a light tug, causing him to gasp. “You look like a cheap whore…But not just any filthy tramp. You’re mine…All mine…” His voice lowered to a dark whisper as he ran his tongue around his ear and kissed his neck. “Don’t you agree?”

Zuko knew better than to be disagreeable at this point. “Yes…” he gasped softly. “I’m your slut…Your fucking bitch…”

“That’s right,” Jet whispered and bit hard into the side of Zuko’s neck, earning a low groan in return. One hand moved from the teen’s stomach down to the dress’s slit along his left thigh and he pulled it up so he could stroke the smooth skin. At this point, Jet’s arousal became apparent as Zuko could feel it pressing hard against his backside. “Do you know what I expect of my whore?”

“…N-No...” Zuko murmured, his body squirming slightly on its own accord from Jet’s skilled touches.

Jet’s other hand slid up from his stomach and grasped Zuko by the jaw, gently tilting his head so he could place a soft kiss on his lips. “I expect you to please me….To fulfill my every desire…” His hips grinded against Zuko’s backside.

“Yes…I’m your whore…I’ll do anything…” Zuko whispered as he lifted a hand and threaded his fingers in Jet’s hair, kissing him back. Jet’s tongue immediately sought entrance into the Firebender’s mouth, and Zuko did not hesitate to let him in. They both moaned softly as their tongues stroked against each other. Zuko took Jet’s tongue into his mouth with his teeth and sucked on it, knowing how much that pleased him. In return Jet gave his lip a soft bite. After a few more moments of their tongues tangoing they finally pulled back.

When the kissed had finished, the hand on Zuko’s thigh traveled to between his legs. It only aroused Jet more to find a bulge growing there. He turned Zuko around so they were facing each other and pulled back so he could remove his trousers. When his erection was freed he eyed Zuko who immediately dropped to his knees in the lowest form of a bow possible.

“Tell me…” The Firebender tried to keep his breathing even. “What is it you want me to do…?”

Smirking, Jet grabbed Zuko by hair so he could look into his eyes. “Suck me off…bitch.” He thrust his erection in front of Zuko’s mouth who took it in willingly.

He started off slow, only swirling his tongue delicately around the swollen head. Jet gasped and his grip tightened. Zuko then took the whole thing in his mouth, trying his hardest not to gag. He grazed his teeth lightly along the shaft as he started to work it in and out of his mouth slowly. Frustrated, Jet thrust hard into his mouth, which caused Zuko to utter a noise around the hard organ. This seemed to please the Freedom Fighter, for he did it again. Zuko murmured, not liking the fact Jet was trying to take control of the pace of his blowjob-giving. He sucked harder and closed his eyes, trying to keep up with the faster pace Jet was trying to set.

“Oh….Li…Oh…Fuck! …You like the way that tastes….don’t you? You like having my cock in your mouth? Dirty slut!” Jet groaned as he thrust into Zuko’s mouth.

Zuko moaned around his cock as he worked it in and out. His tongue went all along the shaft and flicked across the tip. He made sure to give the head a hard suck each time because he knew that was what Jet got the most pleasure from. Jet’s moans and dirty talk only gave him more encouragement. He didn’t mind the bitter taste of precum in the slightest, and it only made him suck harder and faster. Jet groaned and dug his nails into Zuko’s scalp.

“Shit…Fuck!” Jet hissed and thrust his hips hard. “Damn….I’m going to fucking cum….I’m going cum in your mouth…Does that make you hot? Does that make you hard you little whore?”

Zuko’s face flushed crimson and his heart pounded fast. He could feel his own erection throbbing between his legs. He sucked as hard as he could without choking himself. This whole experience was just one major turn on. Soon Jet cried out and thrust hard and he could feel his mouth fill up with the tangy fluid. When Jet pulled out there was a tiny string of saliva that clung to the head of his cock, and a bit of his semen trickled out of the corner of Zuko’s mouth. The Firebender closed his eyes, forcing himself to swallow, and peered up into Jet’s up. Smirking, Jet motioned for him to stand and he did so, waiting for his next request.

“You’ve got a bit on your face…” Jet whispered. “Let me get that…” He leaned forward and licked the dab of cum off his mouth.

The Firebender moaned softly, running his hands up Jet’s chest and kissed him on the lips. Jet kissed him back and pulled away with a smile. He grasped Zuko’s hips and grinded against them, earning a low groan. Zuko leaned in and nipped at his neck, thrusting back and seeking more contact. Jet liked how desperate and needy Zuko was getting. This was exactly how he wanted his bitch to behave, like he needed him and not the other way around. He grabbed the hem of Zuko’s dress and slid it up so it bunched around his hips and exposed his thighs. Zuko grabbed tightly onto Jet’s shirt and moaned as Jet gently stroked the smooth skin and squeezed his buttocks. Jet thrust his hips against the Firebender’s, rubbing a growing erection against his already prominent one. Their hips rocked and grinded against each other as Jet continued to stroke along Zuko’s thighs and give his rear the occasional squeeze.

“Does this make you hot?” Jet asked in a low growl, kissing Zuko’s ear.

“…Yes…” Zuko’s groaned, arching his hips.

“Do you want this?” The Freedom Fighter thrust his hips gently.

Zuko hissed and bit his lip. “Ngh…Yes…”

“Tell me…” Jet whispered. “Tell me what you want….”

“You…” Zuko replied. “I want you…I want you to fuck me…”

“How hard?”

The Firebender bucked his hips. “So fucking hard….”

“…Mm…” Jet gave his ass a hard slap then slid his hand to between his legs. “…Li…God…You’re so hard…And it’s all for me, you filthy whore….”

Zuko groaned as Jet pulled back and took a seat on the bed. Knowing what was coming, he went to his drawer and got out the bottle of special lubricant Jet had given him a previous time, and slipped out of his undergarments. He tossed Jet the vile, who caught it with a grin, and crawled onto his lap to straddle him. Jet dipped two of his fingers in the bottle before stroking Zuko’s buttocks to relax him. They kissed softly as Jet slid a finger into his entrance and Zuko let out a soft moan. He worked the digit in slowly, allowing the Firebender to get used to the idea of there being an intruder in that area. Zuko murmured softly and ran his tongue along Jet’s bottom lip. Jet returned the favor as he pumped his finger in faster and then added the second to stretch him out. Gasping, Zuko grabbed onto his shoulders and rocked his hips.

“You like that…don’t you bitch?” Jet grinned and nipped as his lip.

Only the spirits knew how wild this was driving the Firebender. His face was flushed bright red and he begun to pant. Zuko’s throbbing member ached for its release and he knew that would come once Jet was inside him. He let out a moan as the signal that he was ready. Jet slid his fingers out and rubbed the slick substance around his erection. Zuko lifted his hips so Jet could slowly work his way inside. Groaning, Jet could feel how tight the Firebender was around his hard cock. Zuko bit his lip as he relaxed his clenched muscles, and the Freedom fighter was finally in as far as he could go. They waited a minute so Zuko could fully get used to him before Jet started thrusting in and out of him slowly. Moaning, Zuko buried his head into Jet’s shoulder as he was finally getting what he wanted.

When Jet got a steady rhythm going with his hips, with one hand he grabbed Zuko’s member and stroked it. Zuko gasped and bucked his hips, seeking more attention. His cock was so hard he was leaking droplets of precum down the sides. Jet moaned when he gave the head of Zuko’s erection a squeeze, and Zuko clenched his muscles around his cock in return. The Firebender cried out and arched his back as the pace of Jet’s hand sped up. He thrust his hips hard which caused Jet to gasp and pound into him harder. With one hand, Jet squeezed his rear end as the other pumped his erection.

“…Does my little slut want to cum? ...” Jet asked in a low whisper.

“…Y-Yes…” Zuko whimpered. He didn’t like doing that, but right now Jet was the one in control of his cock, not him.

Jet arched his hips as he thrust harder into him. His grip around Zuko’s shaft tightened as he stroked up and down. Zuko moaned and rocked his hips hard. Panting, Jet worked his hips as hard as he could, his back arching. He moaned as he could feel himself getting close to his release.

“Shit….I’m going to cum….Fuck!” He moaned and pounded into him hard.

Zuko murmured softly and thrust hard against him as encouragement. He moaned, wrapping his hand around Jet’s because he noticed he slowed down his pace. Jet arched his hips and cried out as he shuddered upon orgasm. His hand froze as he let himself get over the sudden shockwave. Zuko groaned softly and gave his lip a hard bite. Soon Jet resumed stroking his cock hard, squeezing the tip. Moaning, Zuko arched his hips enough so Jet could pull out of him without stopping. Jet smirked and continued his skilled ministrations.

“…You want this, you whore?” Jet murmured.

“Fuck yes!” Zuko cried out, arching his back.

Grinning, Jet worked him as hard as he could. He just loved to get a rise out of Zuko. Nothing was more pleasing than seeing the young Firebender with a flushed face and a pleading look in his eyes. He had him completely under his control. Zuko thrust his hips against his hand, groaning. The sight of Zuko looking like nothing more than the common prostitute was simply intoxicating. Jet gave the head of his erection a squeeze and stroked the tip with his thumb.

“Oh God! Fuck...Hn….Jet! Ah! I’m….I’m going to cum for you…Fuck!” Zuko moaned loudly, arching into his touch.

Hearing Zuko cry out his name made Jet’s face flush for a moment. He rarely did this, so he must’ve been desperate. With his free hand he gave Zuko’s ass a hard slap as he squeezed the head of his cock. Zuko groaned, rocking his hips and thrusting hard into his hand. Sweat beaded across his forehead and dripped down his cheeks. Soon Jet felt Zuko’s fingernails digging into his shoulder, and he let out a loud groan as the pleasure of his release swept over him. Jet managed to angle his cock so when he came the fluid splashed cross his pelvis and torso, keeping his own self clean for the most part. Panting, Zuko slid off Jet’s lap and fell back, looking up at him.

Jet shifted himself so he was looming above the Firebender and gave him and light kiss on the lips. “Know what you look like now?”

“What?” Zuko panted.

“A spent whore.”

Face flushing, Zuko sighed and reached up to stroke Jet’s cheek with his thumb. Jet smiled and ran his hands along Zuko’s sides, feeling up the few curves the dress gave him. He gave the Firebender another kiss before standing up and getting back into his clothing. It was very late, and he was worried his friends may have awakened and went out to look for him. He also needed a bath so he had to allow time for that too. He took one last look at the spent Firebender before picking up his weapons.

“…Fucking….asshole…” Zuko spat quietly. It had become his own version of bidding the Freedom Fighter farewell.

“Don’t worry,” Jet winked as he made his way to the window. “I’ll come back again.” Within moments the window had opened and he was gone. Disappeared into the night.

Zuko sighed and crawled into a more comfortable position on his bed. He knew he should change and clean up but he was just too tired and the thought of moving a muscle only made him more exhausted. At least he knew this would ensure a good night’s sleep. He pulled the sheet over him so his bare lower legs would get some warmth and let sleep take him.

The morning light didn’t even wake him. What did was the sound of heavy footsteps approaching his door. Slowly, as he was still very sleepy, he sat up. He had temporarily forgotten what he was wearing. Soon his door opened and his uncle Iroh peered in.

“Zuko, are you awake it’s time to-…to…” he caught a glimpse of what Zuko had on and was dumbstruck.

“Eh?” Zuko looked up at his uncle, rubbing his eyes. Then he suddenly remembered. Oh shit.

“Nephew…Is there something we should talk about?”




I hope you all enjoyed this bit of hilarity. X3