Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr) wrote in crackbenders,
Winter Ashby

[Fic] Longshot/Katara

Title: Home Again
Author: Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer: Avatar the Last Airbender © Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko
Rating: T
Summary: They met again, years later, in passing... The last time Katara had seen Longshot, they were deep under Lake Laogai. (Katara & Longshot)
Authors Notes: I am made of crack pairings. I'm convinced of it. If you cracked me open with a bat, like a piñata, crack ships would pour out of me. I don't know where this came from. I think I was rewatching Lake Laogai, and there is one moment when Longshot is standing next to Katara, and that was all I needed. Also, I couldn't find ANY fics for these two. How sad. Doesn't Longshot need some love too!
Tags: fanfic
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